This category will contain courses that focus on the usage of Web Applications and Systems like Moodle, Drupal and so on.

Course Contents:-

The following will be covered in this course:

  1. Creating a New course
  2. Course page and blocks
  3. The text editor
  4. Label resource
  5. File resource
  6. Folder resource
  7. About File Picker
  8. Page resource
  9. Book resource
  10. URL resource
  11. Assignment activity
  12. Chat activity
  13. Choice activity
  14. Forum activity ,Glossary activity
  15. Question bank
  16. Quiz activity
  17. SCORM activity
  18. Wiki activity
  19. Conditional activity and Restricting access
  20. Activity logs and Reports
  21. Backup and Restore a course

Let's learn to use Moodle in the most effective manner from the point of view of an Administrator.