A category to house template courses so that the same can then be used to instantiate courses using the import feature in a new course.

This is a course which will be used for interviewing the Drupal interviewees.

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This course will help you  understand the principles of intuitive navigation and information design with a lot of examples.


Expert MySQL teaches you advanced techniques in depth so you can bring out MySQL's full power. Learn how to design schemas, indexes, queries, and advanced MySQL features for maximum performance, and get detailed guidance for tuning your MySQL server, operating system, and hardware to their fullest potential. You'll also learn practical, safe, high-performance ways to scale your applications with replication, load balancing, high availability, and failover.

MySQL’s popularity has brought a flood of questions about how to solve specific problems, and that’s where this cookbook is essential. When you need quick solutions or techniques, this handy resource provides scores of short, focused pieces of code, hundreds of worked-out examples, and 
clear, concise explanations for programmers who don’t have the time (or expertise) to solve MySQL problems from scratch.