This course will cover Web Operations including hosting, DNS, security, performance and scaling.

Table of Content:-

  1. Troubleshooting Best Practices
  2. Why Is the Server So Slow? Running Out of CPU, RAM, and Disk I/O
  3. Why Won’t the System Boot? Solving Boot Problems
  4. Why Can’t I Write to the Disk? Solving Full or Corrupt Disk Issues
  5. Is the Server Down? Tracking Down the Source of Network Problems
  6. Why Won’t the Hostnames Resolve? Solving DNS Server Issues
  7. Why Didn’t My Email Go Through? Tracing Email Problems
  8. Is the Website Down? Tracking Down Web Server Problems
  9. Why Is the Database Slow? Tracking Down Database Problems
  10. It’s the Hardware’s Fault! Diagnosing Common Hardware Problems