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Course on HTML and CSS

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Course on HTML and CSS
by Ballistic Sysadmin - Wednesday, 14 May 2014, 11:43 AM

Hi Team,

As you know, we have a course on HTML and CSS ( This course is compulsory to complete for everyone. The newer trainees have already completed this course as Batch 1.

As QASBAS are undergoing learning for 'Automated Acceptance Testing', they need to enrol into this course for effectively doing the same. This will be Batch 2. We intend to start this batch tomorrow and will be completing this course by the end of the next week with two assessment, one for HTML and the other for CSS.

Other persons who are not in any other learning groups can also enrol. For enrolling, login as usual. However, while entering  the course might again ask for an enrolment key / password which you should supply as 'batch2'.

Note: Those who have enrolled recently in the course have been unenrolled by me so that they can join as members of a proper batch. They can again enrol using the 'batch2' key if they are prepared to complete the assignments etc. in the course on time.