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Resources for Moodle Developers

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Resources for Moodle Developers
by Ballistic Sysadmin - Friday, 1 June 2012, 2:50 PM

Hi Moodle Developers,

In the Moodle programming course (, have put two very useful links wherein detailed process of converting Moodle blocks and activities to Moodle 2.x is described with a running example of each by Mike Churchwad, a veteran Moodle developer.

Going through the same is required for all Moodle developers and an assignment based on Blocks part will be given to all Moodle developers in Mid-June and that for Activities in end-June.

Kindly note that no exemptions will be allowed for workload etc. as failing to stick to such process as these is actually one of the reasons for increasing the workload.

Looking forward to your active cooperation!